Saturday, April 25, 2009

Much Love

The other day we took little Coop in to get a bath, hair cut and his nails trimmed. He was only gone 3 hours or so. When we; Gavin, Brigham and myself, came to pick him up the cutest thing happened! Brig's became so excited when Cooper came out. He started flapping his arms up and down, legs kicking all over the place, and almost screaming "Pu-pu". I put little Coop in the cart right next to Brig. Brig became hugging and kissing Cooper all over the place. Cooper seemed excited to see us too, but Brigham was like a kid in the candy store. It was so dang cute. He truly has a lot of love for our newest addition.


peachytiffers said...

His smile is soooo dang cute!!!

Summer Spillane Jordan said...

he is so cute! you can just see all of the enthusiasm bubbling out of him!

Chandy said...

You have a great looking duo there, Lori! How cute are they?