Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Eve

This afternoon we decorated eggs and made a cute little Easter craft. The boys seemed to have a fun time. I bought the camo coloring kit for the eggs. The boys really liked that! It did come with a pink tablet, which I used for ALL my eggs! :)

For dinner we had chicken fajitas and cheese quesadillas. During dinner we talked about the real meaning of Easter. No bunnies, eggs, or candy. After dinner Scott read from the scriptures about the foretelling of Christ's death in the Book of Mormon by the prophet, Samuel the Lamanite. We then read about the 3 days of darkness that the Nephites experienced following the earthquakes and destruction. At this point, I blew out the candles and it was completely dark. We had the kids imagine how difficult it would be to be in complete darkness for 3 days. We then fast forwarded to the part in 3 Nephi 11 where the Nephites hear the voice of the Father introducing the Son. At this point, as the Nephites were looking up to the heavens we had the kids look up and they could see a small candle light that I was bringing in from the kitchen. We had them discuss how exciting it would be to have an end to the darkness and to have Jesus Christ appear from the heavens to teach us. In addition to the candles, Scott used the typical pictures from the Gospel Art Kit that depicted the crucifixion, Samuel the Lamanite on the wall and Christ appearing to the Nephites. It was a nice evening and a mini FHE with the family.

This was similar to an idea that we had found on Sugar Feel free to look it up on their Easter ideas section.



Mamathom and Papathom said...

WOW, that was a great Easter lesson. I am sure the kids will remember it for ever. So proud of you all. Love you.

Jace said...

such a great idea...yep...we're gonna steal that one :)
so nice to hear you raising your boys to be great young men...and someday teach their children such wonderful gospel principles...THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Lori Nielsen said...

Summer I have to teach my boys well, if two of them are going to marry your girls! :)