Monday, April 6, 2009

Oh, mama!

Here are a few random thoughts for you today.

It's 90 degrees outside! What the junk? Already? Oh, mama!

Why is it so hard to find adorable boy clothes for Easter? There are like 10x as many girls clothes anywhere, everywhere. I guess it's a new plaid pastel tie....again.

Why did I wait so long to shop for some cute new Easter plates for Sunday's meal? They are out everywhere. Bummer!

Why are there so many flies? Everywhere? It's disgusting! I hate them all. I bought not one, but TWO fly swatters today at Target.

How come Facebook is so dang addicting? It's totally got me hooked.

Gavin starters Preschool tomorrow! YEAH!

Is 5 kids really a lot? Today at Target the cashier next to me was like, "Are all these yours?" with her eyes wide open and her chin practically on the floor. I quickly say, "ah, no. I found some of them outside pan handling and I felt bad for them. I brought them in to buy them some candy!" A little pause as the lady looked at me is a different weird look. "No, just kidding, they are all mine!" I said with a surety. They're adorable, I can't believe you have 5. 5 boys...blah blah blah as the lady went on. Yes lady you can count. There are 5 of them. Then Will chimes in, "and we're having another one soon!" That almost took the poor lady overboard. Is 5 really that many?

I find out in 2 1/2 weeks that I'm having another boy! YEAH!

Why do kids love hot dogs? YUCK!

We're having chicken salads for dinner tonight, I would rather order Barro's pizza!

There were a couple funny things my kids said to me today but of course I can't think of them now....

Off to puppy training!


Chandy said...


You know us Mormons, five is just the beginning for the lucky ones! ;-)

Wow, 90 deg? We were hit with high 30s this morning until now! It only went up to maybe 62, but quickly cooled down again because of the wind.

Try Tuesday Morning for at least cute paper napkins. Are you looking for ceramic or paper? Party City's always good for printed paper plates. Ross is no good here, it's slim pickins but Marshall's got new stock. Pier 1 might be a good stop also for real dinnerware.

Look in Ebay too for AZ sellers near you so you can just pick it up and save some bucks!. That's how I saved money on my now chosen and completed china pattern. The seller worked a few minutes from where I lived!

Congrats to Gavin! And Will for chiming in! Some people are so silly for gawking at large families. Which reality shows do you think she microwaves popcorn for? ;-)

Hugs, Carolyn

rachel said...

AHH! I hear that adorable boys clothes plea. I have a hard time as well. There's just not as much creativity in the boys clothes isle!